Welcome to BRUH.io! The game is simple: last person standing wins. Find weaponry throughout the world and try and outplay your enemies. If you die, you can spectate the living players until the round resets! If you log in or register you can save your Win and Kill stats to compete on the global leaderboard!

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  • Movement: W, A, S, D or ↑, ←, ↓, →
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Shoot: Left click
  • Pick Up Item: E
  • Menu: Esc
  • Toggle Chat: T
  • Toggle Leaderboard: L
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tessaracte killed you with assault rifle.

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The gas is coming

Get to the safe zone!

  • Weapon: Pistol
  • Zoom Level: 1x
  • Dmg per round: 5